Long Point Board Members


President:  Sandra Barkley
Vice President:  Dan Schreiner
Secretary:  June Mouran
Treasurer:  JoAnn Cawood
Parliamentarian:  Andre' Mayfield

Membership Chair Committee:  Open
Neighborhood Watch Coordinators:  Tom Cochran

Webmaster Committee Chairman:  Jacqueline J Spratley

Emeritus Board Member:  JoAnn Cawood


League Communication


E-mail seems to be the best medium we've found for constant and quick dissemination of important updates to Long Point residents.  However, we're penetrating less than 20% of our neighborhood, which means 80% of our households are missing out on good information.  In order to join the email communication list, please provide your name & neighborhood street address by filling out the form below.

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League Membership Dues

$20.00 annually

(Dues are strictly voluntary since we are not an HOA. However, they help offset various costs such as: newsletters, website hosting, flowers for 5 beds, and other Long Point events.)

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